Le Jardin de ma Soeur, estimanet café théâtre le Jardin de ma Soeur
L'Atelier Sebastiani presents
It always starts with a desire. And it happens but rarely that this becomes reality ...

The desire to present theater amongst people; as if a performance is but a conversation. Large halls are not made for conversation; and even when one converses there, it is behind the scenery. The street is where one can converse and while everyone can be schooled there, it is hardly intimate. And besides, that is another fantasy.
What is more intimate than a protected place, half living room, half cafe, a warm ambiance where one can sip a glass while watching a performance. That's cafe-theater.
The cafe-theater "Le Jardin de ma Soeur" was born in 1994 at the edge of the ancient "Grand Béguinage de Bruxelles", alongside one of the quays of the old port of Brussel where the spirit of the dock workers lingers and where one can still feel the presense of the beguines with their long black robes.
27 September:

Ébats de Couples

At the corner of the Quai au Bois à Brûler
and the Rue du Grand Hospice,
in Brussels
(Old Fishmarket, Métro Sainte Catherine)
Tel: +
E-mail: info@leJardindemaSoeur.be
Reservation Reservation
The establishment "Le Jardin de ma Soeur" has its shutters open Monday through Saturday from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. For you to enjoy your favorite drink in peace and calm.
The old harbor quarter of Brussels is slowly changing. More and more often one meets new faces, from all directions and all regions of Europe. And yet, the neighborhood has not lost the amiability of a village.
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