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Pompon is a handsome black cat, who performs public relations for Le Jardin.

"Even though one might have completely black fur and yellow eyes, it's is not always peaches and cream to be a cat in a cafe-theater.

Everything is always changing: all my points of reference, the places where I nap, even the time I get to eat ...!

An example: I had found a fine chair, covered with a black sheet which made it difficult to distinguish me, under nice light which warmed my back, at just the right height for me to keep watch on all the goings-on ... a real dream!

And sure enough, every evening my daddy removes the black sheet from the chair to make place for a big bear who sits down and starts to talk ... with the light constantly changing and all sorts of silly noises ...

I wanted to hide under a table, but from there I can't see the the open sandwiches and the cakes which are served. Nor the little cans of milk. To whom then should I turn to beg for the tidbits to supplement my rations? Sometimes I sit on a barchair. What happens there: I get petted, they tell me I am beautiful, that I am wise ... which pleases me ... except when they ask if I am a boy or a girl ... for that belongs to my private life ...

Whenever I wanted to go somewhere else, it was this spot I returned to ... It's not all peachy here, true enough, but the grass in any case is green.


13 September:

Ébats de Couples

At the corner of the Quai au Bois à Brûlerand the Rue du Grand Hospice, in Brussels
(Old Fishmarket,
Métro Sainte Catherine)

Tel: +

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The café is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. and over the weekend sometimes a little later...Entry during the performance is not allowed.


Arthème is your host at Le Jardin de ma Soeur. He is an actor, having added the facet of a cafe-theater to his establishment in 1994. Since then, the adventure continues...

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