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How can one not love this neighborhood?
Just the names of its arteries: the Bricks Quay, the Barges Quay, the Sea-Horse Street, the Jesus Street, the Pigs Market, the Monks Bulwark... One can let a whole past relive with these everday words.
This neighborhood is drenched with history... But let it be clear this is the 'little' history... because Bonaparte did not lose his emperor's crown on the Fishmarket, no queens have been beheaded there, and no treaties were signed that changed the map of Europe...

No, it is something different... it is more... atmosphere...

It is the neighborhood of the beguines and their Beguinage, the old quays of the port and the neo-classic houses of the architect Partoes...

(From: 'The Witch' by François Champdeblés)
Old Fishmarket
At the corner of the Quai au Bois à Brûler
and the Rue du Grand Hospice,
in Brussels
(Old Fishmarket, Métro Sainte Catherine)
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